Week 2: Communication tools

Finally getting back to my blog after a few days home ill and the usual stuff you have to catch up on at work after any absence. Thankfully the Naplan testing has allowed me a bit of class time to catch up on the course today, so here I am again.

In general I must say I still feel a bit overwhelmed by what we are doing. There is so much to learn and I feel that we are being introduced to lots of new things, with maybe not as much time to explore them as an oldie like me needs!  I am also having trouble finding stuff I want to revisit – was it on an email, the Ning, Google reader…? So many options.

Twitter – I have successfully  used Twitter and have set up Tweetdeck to monitor the Tweets from the PLN team, but there are SOOOOOOO many, and I find I am getting lost clicking on to people’s good links – suddenly an hour (or many more….) has passed. Someone mentioned that Tweets were meant to be immediate and so it was not intended that we should have to go back and read every one. Time would not allow it anyway. With this in mind I looked at Twapper Keeper, but will probably not use it, as I don’t see the value in backtracking through Tweets at the moment. Of course I may change my mind when my Twitter network is really established. I guess it will take quite a while to develop links that will tailor a network that is right for me though, so I will wait and see. As for class use, I was interested in quite a few of the suggestions explained in the readings. We already have a Year 7 unit on Famous people and I could see that being adapted to follow a format similar to the State Library History Mystery lesson. Another similar idea was that mentioned on Steve Wheeler’s page http://steve-wheeler.blogspot.com/2009/01/teaching-with-twitter.html. The problem for us is the restriction in student access to all these tools. I will have to work hard to convinve the appropriate people otherwise, but hope the things I am learning from this course will help me in that endeavour.

Ning – I am really enjoying being part of the PLN ning. This is place to touch base, sound out ideas, ask questions etc of a like-minded group and I find the comments interesting and useful so far. It is also quite reassuring to see that some others are feeling as overwhelmed as I am with the reading and time involved in  this course.

Skype – I have always wanted to find out about this, but didn’t know how to go about it, so was happy to see it was part of the course. I have signed up but so far found no-one I know that is also registered. Will have a trial of this with my colleagues when they sign up. Looking forward to the possibilites with this one. I was especially impressed by Jenny Luca’s post http://jennylu.wordpress.com/2009/03/01/gone-skypin/ describing how she was really making connections using Skype. Got me thinking about maybe a connection with a class in Melbourne to try it out. Obviously still have to work on access at our end, as mentioned above, but I would really like to give this a go.

Well that’s about it for now. The Naplan test is about to finish, and so is my free period. Looking forward to tonight’s Elluminate session. Hope it goes smoothly for everyone.

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  1. You’ve had a really productive week, well done. You could add the links you want to visit often to the links section on your blog if you like.

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