Week 1 post

Well here I am, ready to start on the Web 2.0 journey for 2010.

I actually did the SLAV Web 2.0 program last year, and had great fun playing around with all the new ‘toys’ we were introduced to. Sadly I have not used many of the applications we tried on a regular basis. Partly because of time constraints, and partly because I was a bit of a lone voice and lacking the confidence to forge ahead with too much new stuff. This means that I am a bit rusty on what to others is now very basic stuff, eg: setting up the blog, but this year my 2  library colleagues are also doing the course, so we are looking forward to being able to work together and really make this program count.

I am just about to trial a book blog with one Year 7 class for this term, with a view to feeling confident enough to open it up to all 200 Year 7s in Term 3.  We have also introduced a  Wordles activity into our Year 7 reading program as a way of reviewing their novels. It seems to work very well and the kids love doing it.

My current PLN consists of my own library team, teaching staff at my school, the Peninsula SLAV group, SLAV, and the Clickview User group. I regularly use the Bright Ideas blog, and am a member of OZTL_net.

My goals? Well, I certainly want to  be able to develop a network of contacts from whom and I can initially learn, and hopefully later with whom I can share, for our mutual benefit.

Good luck to all participants. I am looking forward to getting to know you through your blogs and hope I don’t get too bogged down with the reading!

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  1. Glad to hear that a having a team participate in this program will make a difference to you, now and in the future. The Wordle sounds like great fun. You have a great PLN and we will build further on that foundation.

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